Upcoming Career Development Courses

Daniela Falecki
The "keep-it-real" teacher
Research informs practice when it comes to student wellbeing but what about teacher wellbeing? Get your teacher wellbeing toolkit for yourself or whole school.
Target Audience
Any teacher who is struggling with their energy, time or workload.
2 reviews
Allison Pegus
the power of experience
This course is designed to address the needs of teacher-leaders working in professional learning teams.
Target Audience
Professional Learning Co-ordinators and Teacher Team Leaders. Plenty to transfer for all collaborative whole school models of PL.
Sydney CBD
Nadene Kennedy
This course provides insight and practical advice for all teachers interested in achieving accreditation with NESA at the Highly Accomplished or Lead level.
Target Audience
Teachers looking for insight and practical advice on achieving accreditation with the NESA at the Highly Accomplished or Lead level.
Sydney CBD
306 reviews
Nadene Kennedy
This course will develop participant’s ability to write quality annotations, and offer strategies to support referees to construct concise, standards based reports.
Target Audience
This course is suitable for teachers who are working towards accreditation at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher, and those who have responsibility for supporting others through the process. Attendance at Nadene Kennedy's introductory course, Becoming accredited at Highly Accomplished or Lead with BOSTES, or an in-depth of the aspects of the accreditation process is a pre requisite for this course.
Sydney CBD
35 reviews
Glen Pearsall
Engaging & Effective Classroom Practice
Practical strategies for using coaching & classroom observations to address AITSL standards. Quick-to-implement strategies to establish a culture of professional reflec...
Target Audience
Teachers who are looking to understand what the AITSL standards might mean for their professional learning and everyday teaching. Also Teacher-Leaders looking to establish or refine a classroom coaching and observation program as part of a professional learning program that addresses the Aitsl standards.
Sydney CBD
50 reviews