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Tom Benjamin
Tom Benjamin is a psychologist specializing in games and multimedia.
Project-Based Learning bridges the gap between school and the world of careers & community. Done strategically, it can be engaging. Learn how to maximize its potential ...
Target Audience
This course is suitable for any who need to create custom resources for their teaching. The resources can be adapted to the K-12 and tertiary curriculum.
Andrew O'Halloran
Google Apps for Education, Add-Ons and other ICT enthusiast
Prevent “teacher burnout” with some of these simple tricks! Make the switch to Google Apps for Education by using some of the best add-ons and extensions for teaching. ...
Target Audience
For any Teacher interested in improving their workflow by spending less time on collecting student papers, handwriting comments, photocopying assessments, losing track of student work etc. All Google Apps run from Google Drive, so retaining accreditation relevant documents (student work, professional development notes, student welfare meetings etc) is made much simpler as these records are stored in Google Drive. These skills/requirements would benefit all teachers. There is no niche audience.
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Cool Australia
Educating for a Sustainable future
Discover thinking tools that can be used in any subject area to inspire curiosity and develop the general capability of Critical and Creative Thinking.
Target Audience
Secondary Teachers