Upcoming 21st Century Thinking Courses

Daniela Falecki
Supporting Teacher Wellbeing through a Positive Psychology lens
Growth Mindset is more than praising effort. This workshop uses coaching to highlight process & build grit and resilience for learning.
Target Audience
All teachers, especially those involved in welfare or pastoral care
Sydney CBD
14 reviews
Behaviour? What is it and how can understanding your students' behaviour make a difference to the running of your classroom?
Target Audience
teachers, teacher assistants, assistant principals, principals.
11 reviews
Richard Andrew
Create an engaged learning environment with simple strategies which you implement. Jam-packed with insightful videos and readings. For experienced and new teachers alik...
Target Audience
All secondary and middle school teachers
6 reviews
Richard Andrew
Learn to create an online, collaborative unit of work to support your students. Create & implement the unit and share your experiences.
Target Audience
Two or more high school &/or middle school teachers (not maths teachers)
1 review