Upcoming Students with Diverse Needs Courses

Dianne Langan
I am an experienced music educator and music therapist, with an academic, education and health background which is informed through research, numerous presentations and publications.
Integrate musical strategies that can engage, foster creativity, promote learning and address the specific needs of students for non-music and music specialists.
Target Audience
K-12 teachers and assistants working with learning support and special needs.
Northern Sydney
14 reviews
Ron Thomas
Director and Faciliator of Speak with Power
Australia ranks badly at catering for the more able student - this course is designed to redress this. You will learn what real extension is. Myriad of strategies to ac...
Target Audience
Teachers of Grade 5 to Year 10. Gifted and Talented Teachers Teachers with very bright students English teachers
Sydney CBD
5 reviews
David Lakisa
Cultural Diversity Consultant
Want to engage more fully Pacific Islander and Maori students in your classroom? This interactive workshop is designed to help you develop cross-cultural competencies ...
Target Audience
All KLA teachers, specifically secondary and middle school executives, teachers, teacher aides, community engagement officers.
Sth Western Sydney
20 reviews
Sanjin Dedic
Teacher, Robotics Engineer, Learning Designer
Learn the foundations of Python slowly and methodically, then use them to write a set of engaging python programs that your students will love.
Target Audience
Secondary Digital Technologies Teachers
Sydney CBD