Upcoming Music Courses

Michael Griffin
Mindset, metacognition, intrinsic motivation.
Why do some people achieve so much more than others? This PD explores the most effective music-learning strategies and how to teach them.
Target Audience
Classroom music teachers primary and secondary, as well as instrumental and vocal tutors.
Sydney CBD
91 reviews
Tom Benjamin
Tom Benjamin is a psychologist specializing in games and multimedia.
Educational videos are simple to make with digital tools. This course packs all the multi-tracking and special effects of a studio into a short project - a music video.
Target Audience
Educators at any level can beneft from multimedia skills. Student projects would be best from year 7 and up.
1 review
Ron Thomas
Director and Faciliator of Speak with Power
Everything you need to know to put on a professional quality school production (and the little ones too!) without going insane.
Target Audience
Primary and Secondary teachers with a role in staging the School Production and many smaller shows
Sydney CBD
22 reviews
16 NOV
Jim Coyle
Inspiring Music Educator
Renowned music educator and composer Jim Coyle offers insights in improving teaching practice for HSC Music Course 1, with particular emphasis on improving students' te...
Target Audience
This course is suitable for any teacher who has a Music 1 class, but is particularly aimed at early career teachers and those who have not taught stage 6 music for some time.
Sydney CBD
Dianne Langan
I am an experienced music educator and music therapist, with an academic, education and health background which is informed through research, numerous presentations and publications.
Integrate musical strategies that can engage, foster creativity, promote learning and address the specific needs of students for non-music and music specialists.
Target Audience
K-12 teachers and assistants working with learning support and special needs.
Northern Sydney
14 reviews