TTA contributors are either working professionals or qualified experts in their respective fields. Their position as contributors are fully endorsed by a dedicated team at TTA. If you believe you are qualified to be a contributor and have products or courses you wish to sell through TTA, please fill in the application form.

Suzanne Henden

Consultant specialising in educational assessment

Suzanne is an independent educational consultant specialising in school-based assessment In her work with proEMA (see: she has developed web technologies that will transform the way teachers think about assessment.
Suzanne has worked in secondary and tertiary settings and has provided professional development throughout Queensland and beyond. She has taught Media Studies, History and English in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
In her work with Education Queensland and the Queensland Studies Authority Suzanne has held lead roles in projects that support high quality assessment and reporting.
In her research work, Suzanne is studying new ways to support, measure and comment upon consistency of teacher judgment. She is passionate about the importance of high quality assessment and how it can contribute to teaching and learning.

Suzy Manning

Suzy is a Design and Technology and Visual Arts teacher. While studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Suzy designed and sold her jewellery for a leading jewellery retailer in Sydneys CBD. Graduating from COFA in 1998 majoring in Jewellery Design and Sculpture, Suzy went on to travel the world teaching English, exhibiting and selling her work throughout South East Asia, South America and parts of Europe. Soon after her return to Australia, as well as running her own jewellery design business, Suzy began studying for a Grad Dip Ed in 2002 while teaching Design and Technology at a Sydney High School. She has been designing and running Professional Development courses for teachers since 2002.

Teresa Deshon

Teaching and Learning

Teresa is Principal of Moama Anglican Grammar School and an IT/Mathematics teacher who also specialises in delivering Teaching & Learning and ICT Professional Development programs and courses for schools. Teresa is experienced in the development and implementation of school wide change, coaching & mentoring staff, designing and implementing 1:1 programs, BYOD, LMS and Continuous Online Reporting. She has extensive experience in the development and delivery of professional learning programs for staff.

An accomplished speaker and writer, Teresa has been recognised for her leadership and innovative work by being awarded; Leading 21st Century Schools – Asia Literate Leader 2014,Worldwide Who’s Who for Educational Excellence 2013, Member of Australian Council of Educational Leadership 2008 and Australian Council of Educational Leaders Inquiry and Action Research Award on the topic of Women in Leadership 2008.

Teresa has a Bachelor and a Masters degree in IT/Education and a Graduate Diploma in Computer Education and Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practises.

The Hartley Institute

Continuous professional learning and school improvement are inextricably linked, hence the Hartley Institute’s strategic priority “to sustain and improve student achievement and the quality of teaching and learning”.

The Hartley Institute helps educational leaders translate their strategic vision to a professional learning action plan.

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Tom Benjamin

Tom Benjamin is a psychologist specializing in games and multimedia.

Tom was Senior Researcher at the Centre for Learning Innovation, NSW Dept of Education following a career as a psychologist with the major teaching hospitals and lecturer at UNSW. Over this time he developed resources specially applicable to educators with special requirements for short learning curves and instant gratification outcomes, for example relief and teachers and community group leaders. These systems use materials commonly available in schools.

Trina Beard

Trina is an experienced leader, a dynamic educational consultant and lecturer who works shoulder to shoulder with educational leaders, teachers and pre-service teachers, facilitating high calibre professional development state wide. She is a lecturer and tutor in the School of Education at University of Queensland where she was Course Coordinator and writer of Teaching and Learning, facilitating quality practice for a large cohort of Graduate Diploma of Education students. She was formerly Principal of the Senior School, Kelvin Grove State College, Brisbane, and Principal Advisor of the ‘Values Framework’, Curriculum Division, Education Queensland.

TTA (Teacher Training Australia)

Professional Development for teachers and leaders

TTA is Australia’s largest independent provider of accredited Professional Development for teachers.  TTA has over 200 presenters delivering over 600 workshops per year, and has worked with over 30 000 teachers. 

Youth Health Education

Youth Health Education (YHE) is dedicated to improving youth, aged 14-25,  health outcomes through a holistic approach looking at the 6 areas of health, physical, emotional, cognitive, social, cultural and spiritual health. YHE tackles youth health issues by confronting those once, uncomfortable topics in a professional, educational and interactive way thereby eradicating community stigma, stereotypes and myths which impact youth health outcomes.

All programs, topics and information have been academically researched and based on statistical information that have been formally trialled and proven.

YHE contributors work with all members of the community including school staff, sporting organisations, health organisations, students, consumers, parents and carers and have experience working with all age groups and ability levels in organisations such as Teacher Training Association (TTA), Worklearner, Australian Football League (AFL), Volleyball Victoria Inc, Mental Illness Fellowship, Arthritis Victoria, secondary schools, local councils and junior football leagues around Melbourne.


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