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Jim Coyle

Inspiring Music Educator

Jim Coyle is a music educator with over twenty years teaching experience. His aim is to engage and inspire students from kindergarten through HSC and into tertiary studies.

Jim is a well-known figure in New South Wales music education; he is a regular keynote presenter at Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Meet the Music seminars. Jim is also the author of a large number of published classroom resources for students from primary school to year twelve and in 2015 began doctoral research at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Jim Sturgiss

Aligning practice for better outcomes.

Improving outcomes through aligned teaching practice synergies.

Jim is a recipient of the NSW Professional Teaching Council’s Distinguished Service Award for leadership in delivering targeted professional learning to teachers.

Jim has written and presented for TTA, UNSW, NSWTF CPL, STANSW and DoE for such diverse topics as literacy, ICT, constructivist programming, assessment task development and assessment reform.

The range of professional learning courses presented by Jim can be found on the TTA website.

Selected NSW Department of Education and Communities appointments
2015                            Analytics, Systems and Development Coordinator 
2012 – 2013                School Assessment Design and Development Acting Coordinator (ESSA)
2007 – 2010                Head Teacher Science, Newtown High School of Performing Arts
2004 – 2005                Senior Assessment Officer, Computer Skills Assessment (CSA6)
2004                            Test Development Officer, Secondary Numeracy Assessment Program (SNAP)
2000 – 2004                Head Teacher Science, Concord High School 
1998 – 2000                Senior Assessment Officer, English Language and Literacy Assessment (ELLA)

Teaching Qualifications
1993 – 1997                M.Ed. (Hons) University of New England (Thesis: Literacy & learning in Science) 
1979                            Dip. Ed. University of Wollongong
1976 – 1978                B.Sc. University of Wollongong (Majors in Chemistry and Bioenergetics)

Jo Moss

This contributor doesn't have a bio or description.

Jo Prestia

Education Consultant

Jo Prestia is an Education Consultant, with a Bachelor of Education (Arts and Crafts), a Masters in Educational Leadership & a Post Grad in Education Research. She has held various leadership positions and taught in schools for 26 years mainly in the areas of Visual Arts and Religious Education but has also taught Junior History and Italian. She developed a Learning Styles Program to enable students and teachers to experience success and take control of their own learning. Jo facilitates workshops for TLN and has run programs in many schools and with undergraduate teachers. Jo is writing a book for parents on their key role in developing a love of learning with their children through an awareness of learning styles. She is a PhD candidate at Monash Uni investigating the relationship between teacher aides and teachers. You can connect with Jo via her website:

Joachim Matschoss

Theatre is the most lifelike artform so why not explore life through theatre.

Joachim has presented Workshops and Masterclasses for Theatre all over the world, most recently in , Singapore, Uzbekistan, India, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.
Joachim is a director, writer and teacher of theatre. Joachim has published numerous artciles on creativity and Theatre. He is a poet and wrote many plays that have been performed in Australia, the UK, Germany, USA and Canada.

Joanne Blannin

Passionate about Literacy Education and ICT as a tool for learning

Joanne Blannin is currently undertaking a Doctorate of Education focusing on the use of ICT in teaching and learning. Having worked in both the private and public sectors, Joanne is also the full-time ICT Coordinator at Laburnum Primary School in Victoria. Joanne presents across the country on the use of Web 2.0 tools, digital literacy and interactive whiteboards. Her aim is to help teachers bridge the gap between their own and their students’ use and understanding of technology.

Joanne Manning

Joanne Manning is an experienced educator working in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and English for over 20 years. Passionate about motivating students to develop a love for the English literature and language, Joanne has sought to integrate a number of research-based pedagogical methods into classroom practice. The integration of Strategies-based practices has informed her teaching of reading and creative writing. Joanne has pursued further studies in English teaching through Columbia University Teachers' College, studying a number of models of thinking. Joanne has presented on a range of topics regarding English, Learning Enhancement, Creative Writing and Teaching and Learning areas across all sectors of education. She holds a PhD in English literature.

Joe Ousby

Joe Ousby has a double major in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics and a masters degree in Mathematics Education, and has spent the past 35 years sharing his love for Mathematics with thousands of students and hundreds of teachers across NSW, Singapore and Queensland. Those who have sat in his classroom or heard him speak at State or National Conferences will know that he sees the world through the eyes of a passionate mathematician and writes and teaches with the intention to have others understand. His publications include a series of text books in Maths B and C with Cambridge University Press, articles in “Teaching Mathematics”, the Journal of QAMT, and “Reflections”, the Journal of MANSW.

Jonathan Dunbier

Versatile Vector Graphics

Jonathan is a TAS teacher who loves to see his students become passionate about great design and typography. He has over ten years experience with Adobe Illustrator and has a passion for creating clean and versatile vector artwork. Jonathan completed a Bachelor of Design and Technology, choosing to major in Industrial Graphics and Design Management. He likes to keep himself occupied by constantly completing design work on the side, including clothing designs, corporate image and the odd wedding invitation. He continues to marvel at the design possibilities of Lego and the way his music library continues to expand.

Jonathan Jones

Visual Arts Teacher (7-12)

I am a passionate and innovative Visual Arts teacher who has been teaching for almost 8 years at St Philips Christian College in Cessnock. During this time I have been utilising technology to implement my units of work as the students receive computers as a part of their enrolment. I mostly use Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator with students from years 7-12. Due to my own interests and those of my students, I have a focus on how to incorporate practical design principles and photography with the Visual Arts syllabus. I have also been a part of our ICT committee for the past 3 years and have been involved in implementing a number of school wide programs relating to incorporating IT in the classroom. Within my school I am also responsible for writing and implementing Visual Arts units of work and assessment from Year 7-12. I have also had some experience teaching Visual Arts to Upper Primary students (3-6).

Jonathon Kaesler

ICT integration into the curriculum
Jonathon Kaesler is a Professional Learning Consultant with Datacom Education. Jonathon has a background in IT, Music and teaching, having begun his teaching career as a teacher librarian, before becoming a classroom teacher at the Junior Primary/Primary level. He is passionate about ICT and technology and how it can be used in the classroom.

Judy Lovas

Evidence based Relaxation Therapy for Principals, Teachers and Students

Dr Judy Lovas presents unique seminars that explain the art and science of evidence based relaxation therapy. Judy’s passion is to teach simple relaxation skills to enhance physical and psychological well being. These presentations provide effective and easy ways to include relaxation into daily life.

Judy also teaches Psychology, Psychoneuroimmunology and Relaxation Therapies in the secondary, tertiary and corporate sector.

Julie Seidel

Visual Arts Educator

Julie Seidel is Curriculum Leader – The Arts at St Peters Lutheran College and has over 30 years experience teaching Visual Art in Australia and overseas. She is currently a QCAA Panel member for Visual Art Brisbane Central and has 7 years experience as a panel chair for visual art. Julie introduced the Visual Art -International Baccalaureate program to St Peters with students achieving outstanding results. Julie has previously devised a P-5 art program which uniquely linked specialist art teachers with class groups and provided a sequential art program. A dedication to the teaching of aesthetics within the curriculum and a focus on creativity as a key tool for 21st century learners informs her art practice in the classroom. Julie continually explores new strategies and approaches to teaching visual art in a context that has relevance for students. Julie considers the sharing of how to structure learning experiences and the shaping of the creative process with teachers as fundamental to the success and survival of the visual arts in education. Her passion is supporting art teachers.

Karen Critchley

Mentor, leadership, assessment practice, program development, accreditation process, professional learning, Project based learning, GAT, acceleration, ALARM, Learning support

I am the Head Teacher- Teaching and Learning / History. I have spent my career being dedicated to the development of staff professional learning. I am most passionate about the educational process and the practical application of theory within the classroom setting. I work closely with all the major universities in N.S.W. I have been on multiple panels AITSL approving University courses as well as being part of consultation panels as AITSL was set up in NSW. I am interested in practical approaches to programming, assessment and the analysis of in school and external data. I am also greatly interested in building leadership skills in aspirational teachers.

Karen Green

Karen Green is an educational consultant based in Victoria who has had varied teaching roles, in regular classrooms and within the field of special education. She has worked as a class teacher, a visiting teacher for the hearing and visually impaired, a special education teacher working with both learning disabled and gifted student. She was Deputy Head of the Middle School at St Leonard’s College in Brighton and Deputy Head of the Junior School at Melbourne Grammar School. She has lectured to Bachelor of Education students in the area of special education at Deakin University. Karen has been working as a consultant for the past 9 years.

Karen Lambert

HPE tertiary educator, coach and mentor

Karen is passionate about mentorship and has dedicated over 20 years to the pursuit of learning, education and teaching. In that time she has worked with more than 5000 people as a motivator, teacher and professional mentor and never lost her own personal curiosity and desire to inspire others. Currently working as a HPE lecturer at the university of Sydney, Karen sees active education and idea creation as the key to creating sustainable change and peace in our lives, with learners, and with the planet. By taking a socially responsible and sustainable approach to teaching and learning Karen develops and delivers imaginative, cutting edge, theoretically informed and fun courses that offer practical professional and personal solutions to your everyday challenges whilst igniting your heart and helping to build your confidence.

Karina Barley

Taking education into the 21st Century

Karen Barley is an internationally recognized educational consultant specializing in the needs of children with autism and their families. She has over 25 years of expertise as an educator, private one-on-one consultant, course developer and educational technology specialist.
Karen is especially successful connecting with children who have autism and creating behavioral, sensory and educational strategies that help children reach their full potential. Her highly personable style, combined with extensive research, knowledge and firsthand experience of the needs of children with autism, makes her extremely effective and innovative in tailoring individual solutions for families and their schools. Using new and existing approaches Karen integrates her pioneering work with iPad technology to create differentiated educational programs where children with autism can consistently experience success while learning.

In addition, Ms. Barley is an accomplished and engaging, sought after public speaker and teacher trainer. She has shared her significant insights and knowledge on such subjects as, Technology in Education, Technology and Autism, Autism Awareness, 21st Century Learning, Technology and Curriculum Development and other subjects in the United States, Australia and as a keynote guest speaker for international face to face and online conferences.

She is now undertaking her PHD and is a sessional teacher at Monash University.

Kathleen Duquemin

A passionate Japanese teacher with a yen for technology.

I have taught Japanese across private, catholic and government schools from Foundation to Yr 12. I am currently teaching Foundation to Year 6 students and use both iPads and Web 2.0 tools to engage students and enhance the learning experience. I believe iPads and Web 2.0 Tools provide Language Teachers with a powerful and innovative tool to add to their teaching toolbox, and empower them to become technological trend-setters.

Ken Webb

Ken Webb is a very experienced presenter who regularly lectures to both senior students and teacher audiences on a wide range of areas relating to History. His experience in the classroom is extensive and in November 2012, he was a NSW winner of the National Excellence in Teaching Awards. In addition, he has twenty three years of experience of marking the HSC, including eleven years as a senior marker, and has served for many years on examination committees. Ken Webb is also the author of over thirty textbooks and study guides on History, stretching across Extension, Modern and Ancient History. He has also written extensively on Stage 5 History for both NSW and Victoria. Recently, Ken Webb has also worked on developing online historical content for the ABC.

Kery O'Neill

Excited by the Future

Kery O’Neill’s background incorporates veterinary medicine and surgery, research science, and science education at primary, secondary, tertiary and community levels. She has most recently completed Post Graduate Certification in Brain Based Training and is a great advocate for MBE Science. Kery was Senior Biology Teacher at Blue Mountains Grammar for 14 years, participating in the Quality Teacher’s Program and HSC marking.