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Desiree Moore

Head Teacher (HSIE/LOTE) at Tweed River High School

30 years teaching Ancient History, Modern History, Extension History, History (7-10), Geography (7-9), Society and Culture etc in NSW state schools
Quality Teaching consultant (History 7-12) in North Coast RegionHSC marker in Ancient History and History Extension
NSW Premier’s Teachers Scholarship recipient – Modern History (2003)
2014 HSC Examination Committee Member – Ancient History

Dianne Langan

I am an experienced music educator and music therapist, with an academic, education and health background which is informed through research, numerous presentations and publications.

Dianne has worked as a music educator and therapist for over twenty-five years. Her PhD examined the relationship between music education and music therapy. She has held a variety of music teaching and therapy positions which have included the University of Technology, Sydney, health settings and Schools for Specific Purposes. Dianne is currently teaching at Wenona in North Sydney. Her experience includes a range of publications, presentations and adult education forums.

Dolly Bhargava

Dolly Bhargava, is a disability specialist speech pathologist. Dolly works with children, adolescents and adults with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities in a variety of settings. She has also completed a Masters in Special Education (Sensory Disability). She provides consultancy and training services on a range of issues relating to communication, behaviour management, emotional literacy, vocation, culture and disability both nationally and internationally. She is the author of the hugely successful Getting Started booklets that can be accessed for free here

She has also developed an app (Rainbow of Emotions)

The book has won the 2015 National Parenting Publications Award American Association– Silver WinnerFind out more

or Purchase the book for $30 & P + H from Dolly via email or PH: 0423 293 254

Dr Sarah Lovesy

I am a drama educationalist specialsing in all areas of drama/ theatre teaching and learning

Sarah is a freelance drama consultant implementing workshops around Australia. Currently she is working at Wollongong University teaching CAPA. Previously she worked as a Drama Lecturer at the Universities of Western Sydney and New South Wales, teaching postgraduate students to become drama teachers. She worked as Head Drama Teacher at the School of Performing Arts and Santa Sabina College Sydney, and was actively involved with the New South Wales Board of Studies Junior and Senior Drama Syllabus Committees. Sarah’s doctoral thesis explored the links between imagination and creativity in the drama aesthetic of playbuilding. With her colleague Dr. Christine Hatton she has published an international textbook called Young at Art: Classroom Playbuilding in Practice (2009 – Routledge).

Fiona Dobrijevich

Visual Arts educator, Artist, Lecturer

I have a long successful studio practice and a teaching practice of over 30 years. I love teaching primary school teachers ways of engaging with contemporary and traditional ar,t so that they are confident in the classroom to engage with a range of artworks and techniques.

Gai Cross

Enable, Engage, Empower - I specialise in harnessing the capabilities of iPads and Google technologies so struggling learners can reach their full potential

Gai focuses on instructional & assistive educational technology set ups for individuals as well as professional development for parents, teachers and schools. Professional Development that is QTC registered with NSW BOSTES against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers is available for teachers to maintain their accreditation at proficient level.

Gai is the owner and Educational Director of Your EdYOUcation and has had over 20 years experience as a teacher, school executive and specialist educational consultant. She has a passion for enabling access and participation to a meaningful curriculum by showing teachers how to harness the power of the iPad, and other technologies and empower students to express their knowledge and creativity in innovative ways.

Teaching in support classes for learners with intellectual and language disabilities for many years, she then spent time working across schools as a specialist teacher for learners with significant learning difficulties including dyslexia.

She holds professional membership with the Australian Dyslexia Association and she is trained to be a provider of Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) approach to teaching reading and spelling with the Institute of Multi-sensory Structured Language Education (IMSLE)

Gai has been trained through the Apple Consultant Network in the Accessibility features of Apple products in particular the iPad.

Garry Hol

An expert practitioner who wants to encourage, develop, support and empower teachers in their careers

An experienced HSC teacher for over 15 years, Garry’s expertise in English has come from a foundational love of literature and learning. He currently lectures HSC students, provides inservice training for teachers and spends large amounts of time attempting to inspire teenagers to engage with literature through teaching English at the Illawarra Christian School on the picturesque South Coast. He also enjoys tripping to the city on occasion and most weekends will find him performing rock and blues music in venues up and down the coast.

Gary Jaffer

The concept of Mindfulness, its origins, benefits and application to reduce stress, increase work efficiency and mental performance, enhance communication and improve attention.

Gary Jaffer enjoyed a successful career in advertising and marketing, working both in the industry and teaching in tertiary institutions. He has been practising and teaching mindfulness techniques for almost thirty years.
Gary is Founder and Principal Consultant at equilibrium9, a boutique consultancy providing specialist services to organisations, schools and leadership teams. equilibrium9 utilises a range of practical workshops
creating scenarios that enable people to improve performance and
effectiveness, whilst maintaining balance across the various aspects
of life.
Gary Jaffer is a consultant, facilitator and speaker who embodies
and delivers the equilibrium9 programs.

Glen Pearsall

Engaging & Effective Classroom Practice

Glen Pearsall was a Leading Teacher at Eltham High School and a Board member of the Curriculum Assessment Authority. Glen is the co-author of Literature for Life and Work Right and the author of Classroom Dynamics and the best-selling And Gladly Teach. He works throughout Australia as an educational consultant, specialising in engagement, assessment and workload reduction strategies for teachers. He has a particular interest in the work of graduate and pre-service teachers and has worked as a seminar leader and research fellow at the Centre for Youth Research. Glen’s ebook The Top Ten Strategic Questions for Teachers has just been translated into Khmer for Cambodian teachers.

His latest book The Literature Toolbox features over fifty strategies for exploring text.

Greg Egan

ICT Teacher/Coordinator with an E-Learning focus

I am a registered teacher with a background in teaching computer programming and database design among many other ICT’s. In recent years I have provided E-Learning training, coaching and consulting services to schools. I am now once again based in the classroom at St Paul’s School, Bald Hills, where I teach ICT from Year 7 upwards.

Greg Heidke

Greg Heike has been the principal of three Queensland state high schools in his career: Charleville SHS, Kilcoy SHS and Kelvin Grove SHS. Greg was a Senior Officer of Education Queensland in the Metropolitan East Region, serving as School Support Coordinator-Valley. In this role, he led the provision of professional development, and coordinated support services, to over thirty schools in central Brisbane, including all sectors (primary, secondary and special schools).Greg was awarded the Order of Australia medal for his work in education and in middle schooling.

Hannah Klupiec

Artist and Visual Arts Educator

Hannah Klupiec has worked in the field of art education in primary, secondary and adult contexts for over 15 years. Her paintings and other artworks have been displayed in exhibitions and magazines in Sydney and are held in private collections in Australia and the USA. In recent years, Hannah has seen the potential of using the iPad as a means of creating digital images and content. She has used it for designing, making and editing her own artworks and continues to exhibit her images in digital spaces. Hannah has implemented the device into her teaching programs at high school level, and has taught iPad workshops to teachers and the general public.

Helen Mills

Helen initially worked as a LOTE teacher in primary schools in WA. Her interest in gifted education led to a position with the Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program in 2000. This became permanent in 2004. In 2010, Helen completed her Master’s degree in Education with Monash University, specializing in gifted education. Helen’s philosophy is that, as teachers, we have a responsibility to give students the skills and knowledge to become autonomous and adventurous learners with an understanding of their world and how they can contribute to its improvement.

James Anderson

Engaging and thoughtful

James Anderson is the director and principal consultant of Mindful by Design. An experienced and successful teacher, James began working with Art Costa’s Habits of Mind in his own classroom in 2000. James is a highly experienced and engaging presenter with experience at all levels of schooling from early learning through to tertiary.

Check out the Habits of Mind website

James Jenkins

James, is an experienced teacher of Chemistry and Biology and is currently the Head of Middle School Science at Canterbury College, South of Brisbane. James has a Masters degree in Science Education and has taught science in the state and independent sectors in Australia and overseas. His areas of interest include student motivation and engagement and the incorporation of technology into science teaching. James is passionate about incorporating technology in ways that enhance teaching and learning. In addition to his teaching, James has worked on a variety of projects designed to boost student achievement and improve scientific literacy. He is currently writing innovative units of work to fit with the Australian Science Curriculum.

Janet Rentz

Janet Rentz has been an art educator for thirty years, having completed undergraduate and Masters degrees in design and art education and embarking on PhD study. Starting as a classroom teacher, Janet then headed up departments in two NSW secondary schools. Following this, Janet became an educator for museums and galleries, devising art programs for school students. After this Janet became the NSW Visual Arts Consultant for DET, implementing the new visual arts syllabus, training teachers and developing support resources. She has lectured in art education at UNSW College of Fine Arts and UTS. She is currently writing art programs for distance education and giving workshops for NAS HSC students.

Jennifer McIntosh

PDHPE Leader of Learning

Teaching 22 years
LOL – 15 years
HSC marker – 16 years

Jennifer Michalski

As an education and learning consultant, Jennifer Michalski is Director of her own company Michalski Mentoring

Jennifer Michalski has been involved in education at international, national, state, regional and local level, with executive management and teaching experience at tertiary, secondary and primary levels.

Jennifer Osler

Jenny Osler until recently was a teacher and assistant principal of some thirty years experience within the Victorian education system, working at a large eastern suburbs secondary college. More recently she has been a Teaching Fellow for the University of Melbourne as part of the MTeach program, and has worked for Chisholm Institute offering a range of training programs. As well as having extensive classroom experience as a Humanities teacher, she has been Student Welfare Coordinator, Professional Development Coordinator and more recently Assistant Principal. She has extensive training experience within the education system and the broader community with both adults and young people. Jenny’s formal qualifications, as well as Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education, include Graduate Diploma in Student Welfare, Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health, Certificate IV in Community Mediation and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Learn about Jennifer’s amazing volunteer work overseas... see more.

Jill Healy-Quintard

Teaching background, special needs, dance, drama, fitness, wellness,Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness,

I began teaching in the 1970’s, while also studying Yoga Nidra (the waking sleep). I brought this into my large classrooms of primary aged children and found that 10 minutes daily was of great benefit to each child as well as for me as a teacher. I later became a teacher of the deaf and coordinator of the Chatswood Shepherd Centre, in the 1990’s. During this time and later at Chatswood Primary School I began teaching a combination of Yoga, Dance and Yoga Nidra to enhance learning, focus on sound, rhythm and also provide time to relax for these hearing impaired students.Since then I have defined my way of teaching and run programs for the general public and Schools through my Fitness and Wellness business, Body and Balance. I provide Yoga Nidra and YogaPilates Fusion programs in schools. This is a balance of cardio, stretch, strength, posture and Yoga Nidra.