TTA contributors are either working professionals or qualified experts in their respective fields. Their position as contributors are fully endorsed by a dedicated team at TTA. If you believe you are qualified to be a contributor and have products or courses you wish to sell through TTA, please fill in the application form.

Caitlin Gleeson

Psychology consultant and performance coach

Caitlin is a consultant, trainer, and presenter who specialises in psychological performance, resilience, and wellbeing. She is the managing director of INSPIRIT Psychology Solutions, and holds a first class honours degree in Psychology from the University of Sydney. Caitlin offers a unique blend of training and coaching experience which sits at the intersection of management consulting, clinical developmental psychology, educational coaching, and health and fitness.

Carmela Garcia

I have 11 years experience teaching IT at a variety of schools. I am keen to help teachers provide an meaningful and engaging learning experience through technology. Some of these skills include problem solving, project work, design thinking and creativity.

Carolina Castro Huercano

I am an experienced teacher, learning designer and researcher

I have spent the last 15 years teaching in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors in 3 countries, with an emphasis on using new technologies and e-pedagogies in my classes. At present I am doing a PhD at Flinders University on the use of Project Based Learning to motivate students to learn, enhanced with Web 2.0. tools.

Celebrity Teacher

Dean McManus.

he pays for his own venues and we are setting up this for the venues associated with these courses

Code Camp

We teach kids to code!

Computational thinking, logic, fun, creativity, user experience, app development and game building.

Colin Klupiec

Effective integration of new media in teaching and learning.

After initially working in the design industry, Colin transitioned to education in 1998 to teach technology and has held positions at several independent high schools in the Sydney area; including Head of TAS at Galstaun College, and Oxford Falls Grammar School. In addition, Colin taught Computer Aided Design at North Sydney TAFE for 7 years and has consulted to private businesses in technology integration and innovation. He completed a Master of Business at the University of Newcastle in 2013. Colin is particularly interested in emerging media technologies and how personal choice affects the use of those technologies in teaching and learning.

Cool Australia

Educating for a Sustainable future

Cool Australia is an award winning not-for-profit dedicated to supporting educators with tools to foster ‘learning for life’. We help integrate topics around sustainability, ethics, economics and wellbeing across the curriculum. This enables teachers of all age groups and disciplines to engage young Aussies in real-life learning whilst achieving Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework outcomes. Our accredited professional development is designed to build your confidence, understanding and expertise. You will learn through a mixture of practical and thinking activities as well as hearing the stories of others. Plus you will access a range of teaching tools that can you can use straight away in your teaching.

Crown Coaching

Crown Coaching and Training recognise the importance of being empowered to direct your career and professional development including how to navigate behavioural interview questions.

We will work with you to help you find your passion, move forward in your career and achieve your full potential.

Damien Hanley

Damien Hanley, Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Architectural Technology, has been in the Technology KLA’s for over 7 years. Damien started as a tutor/TA in the Architectural Technology and Technical Graphics Teacher program at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He then moved to St Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane and has taught their as Technology Teacher particularly Graphics since 2008. He has vast experience in the Technology KLA’s, is on the Syllabus Committee for Graphics in Brisbane and has taught Engineering Technology, Technology Studies, Graphics and Construction at the senior level for many years. Damien has been involved in the presentation of teacher in-service workshops and seminars and is actively involved in Technology teacher networks through professional associations.
This has enabled him to develop a sound understanding of the requirements, responsibilities and needs that such syllabuses impose on teachers of differing experience. Above all Damien is very passionate about Graphical Communication and using it as a means of creativity in the classroom.

Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett

Dana-Lee worked on a range of professional film, television and theatrical productions while studying at Screenwise, The Australian Film, Television and Radio School and London’s National Film and Television School. Her numerous multiple award winning music videos, commercials and short films have lead to the development of a feature film and a short television series.

With a UNSW’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, a Certificate in Training and Assessment and seven years teaching experience in primary and high schools, Dana-Lee teaches at film, acting and drama schools, including, The Australia, Film, Television and Radio School, The Australian Film and Television Academy, JMC Academy, The Australian International Performing Arts Academy and Sydney Film School.

Daniel Milech

Head Instructor, Staff Trainer, Partnerships Manager at Code Camp.

Code Camp teaches kids to code through game, app and website development during the school holidays.

Daniela Falecki

The "keep-it-real" teacher

Daniela Falecki is known as the “keep-it-real” teacher who specialises in Positive Psychology. Her passionate and no-bull approach makes her a sort after speaker in schools because she knows what it is like. Sharing stories from her 20 years of experience in schools, her insights are practical, realistic and evidence based. Daniela also lectures at Western Sydney University, is a Senior Associate for Dr Suzy Green & the Positivity Institute, and is the developer of many BOSTES accredited mentoring and coaching programs for teachers. Daniela has been the NSW Manager for the Outdoor Education Group, program developer for International College of Wellness Coaches and is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She has completed a Masters in Education (Leadership), a Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education), a Diploma in Rudolf Steiner Education, a Life Coaching Certificate (Life Coaching Academy) is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and was voted Lecturer of the Year 2014 at Western Sydney University.

Danielle Simpson

Danielle is the Professional Learning Consultant for Health and Physical Education (HPE) and is part of the quality assurance team at Teacher Training Australia (TTA). Her experience in the Health and Physical Education sector is broad. It encompasses teaching, consultancy, presenting lectures/workshops through to administration of a professional association.

Danielle has been teaching Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) in NSW for the past 20 years and has been Head of Department for 11 of those years. She is currently teaching PDHPE part time. Danielle is an experienced educational consultant who has worked with schools in areas such as mentoring PDHPE faculties, program and assessment writing, curriculum content and delivery for inexperienced teachers of Stage 6 PDHPE and HSC marking simulation.

Danielle has co authored the textbook for Senior PDHPE “Application and Inquiry HSC Course” (second edition) and is an experienced senior HSC marker. She is also part of the writing team for Preliminary PDHPE and HSC Trial examinations for various professional bodies. Danielle presents student workshops with HSC In the Holidays for HSC PDHPE revision. She is the administrative assistant of the PDHPE Teachers Association.

Danny Arrow

Danny Arrow, BSc (Ind Arts). Dip Ed (UNSW), MEd Admin (UQ), has been involved in the Technology KLA for over twenty five years. Danny Started as a classroom teacher in NSW at St Stanislaus College and then moved to Knox Grammar School in Sydney. He moved to Ormiston College as Head of Technology and was then appointed Head of Technology at St Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane. He has vast experience in the Technology KLA, has been on two Syllabus Committees for Engineering Technology in Queensland and has taught Engineering Technology, Technology Studies, Graphics and Construction at the senior level for many years. Danny has been involved in the presentation of teacher in-service workshops and seminars and is actively involved in Technology teacher networks through professional associations. He has a range of networks involving colleagues from key educational sectors able to assess current trends and continuing professional development.
Danny has been involved with Queensland Studies Authority Core Skills Exam marking, has been a Subject Panel member and has been Engineering Technology State Panel Chair for 9 years. This has enabled him to develop a sound understanding of the requirements, responsibilities and needs that such syllabuses impose on teachers of differing experience.

Darryn Kruse

Engaging and inspiring

Darryn Kruse is currently principal of Point Cook Senior SC, after spending four years as both campus principal and teacher at Williamstown High School. As a professional writer and speaker he works in the areas of change management and educational research, acting as critical friend for several negotiated school reviews and whole school reform projects and coordinating large-scale research projects into education reform (Vic. Yrs. 5-8 Research Project & William Buckland Foundation MYoS ‘Lighthouse Schools’ Project).

David Lakisa

Cultural Diversity Consultant

David Lakisa has worked in the education sector at various secondary, tertiary and private levels for the past 12 years. Currently, a coordinator of religious education programs for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, David is also a PhD candidate researching diversity management at the University Technology Sydney. A former PDHPE teacher at St Peter Claver College (QLD), Eagle Vale and Granville Boys High Schools, he has also been a sessional academic at Western Sydney University in the School of Education since 2008. In sum, David has been heavily involved in numerous research, education, government and community-based initiatives for Pacific Islanders and Maori in Australia and across the Pacific region for the past 18 years.

Dean Dudley

Senior Lecturer (Health & Physical Education)

Dean is a Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University. He is Churchill Fellow and Expert Consultant on Physical Education to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Dean is currently the Australian Delegate to Fédération Internationale d’Education Physique (International Federation of Physical Education – FIEP), Chief Examiner (PDHPE) for the Office of the Board of Studies and Director of Education for Surf LIfe Saving NSW. Dean’s research is currently focused on the assessment and reporting of physical education and the development of observed learning outcomes pertaining to physical literacy. He is also a researcher of evidence-based approaches to physical education that yield large learning effects in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning domains.

Dean McManus

Celebrity Teacher provides professional learning and coaching for resilience and wellbeing for teachers, aides and executive.

Dean McManus is a highly regarded resilience coach and presenter with extensive experience in primary/secondary music teaching across varied educational settings over 19 years, including in rural and special education. Dean is an experienced trainer, previously working with Mind Matters (Principals Australia Institute) presenting to school communities across Australia on the importance of a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing.
Dean retrained in psychology at Charles Sturt University, where his honours research focused on barriers to learning experienced by tertiary students identifying as having a mental health disability. In 2013 he established Celebrity Teacher as a professional learning provider for teachers, focusing on teacher resilience and wellbeing.
His flagship program is endorsed by BOSTES (Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards NSW) and Teacher Quality Institute (TQI ACT), an acknowledgement of the importance of teacher resilience to retention, providing tools for teachers to manage their demanding role.
Dean is licensed to use and interpret the MTQ48 Mental Toughness Measure and Development Program by AQR Ltd (UK) and is a certified professional coach through the Life Coaching Academy, an accredited coach training program with the International Coach Federation.
In addition to presenting Teacher Resilience and Mental Toughness programs across Australia, Dean has delivered keynote addresses at the Redbank Conference and Aspect Australia Leadership Conference in NSW.

Debra Kenworthy

Debra is a passionate Visual Arts educator and Head teacher who holds a Bachelor and Masters of Art Education. She has continually engaged in learning and delivering Visual Arts and Design content over the last 30 years with teaching experience spanning adult, single sex and co-ed education in both rural and metropolitan schools. Debra has had experience marking the practical and written HSC exam. Programming, assessment and quality teaching methods, to suit a wide range of abilities and school environments are of particular interest. Debra’s specialty artmaking skills lie within painting and photography.

Denice Scala

Leadership and Learning Consultant

Denice Scala

Denice Scala is an executive leader with extensive experience in key strategic roles requiring business transformation and innovation.

As a passionate advocate for the power of education to enrich lives, Denice moved from classroom teaching to leadership positions in 1992 and since then has held international roles as Principal, Head of Junior School, and Head of Learning Support. She has an impressive working knowledge of early childhood, primary, middle, and secondary schooling including gifted education and special needs. Denice’s unparalleled grasp of current educational realities is equally matched by her ability to implement improvement strategies. She is recognised as a visionary leader of leaders with in-depth experience across education, strategy, operations, finance, people development, technology, and marketing.

Established in 2016, her creative leadership and learning company, Denice Scala Consulting is unique. The cornerstone is designing and delivering adult learning for today’s ever changing world that’s contemporary, creative and performance orientated. Focused on inspiring growth with dynamic leadership solutions, Denice works with clients to create new ideas, shape strategic direction, and develop staff. Working across different industries, she designs bespoke professional development strategies, crafts leadership resources and motivates employees to re-think the way they do what they do to add value to their organisations.

Applying holistic, innovative solutions incorporating her expertise in neuroscience, MBTI® and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Denice combines cutting edge trends, the power of playful learning and her compelling communication skills to drive high levels of engagement and grow personal and professional performance.

She also advises on business development, school improvement, career advancement and parenting needs.

Don’t just ‘go’ through life, ‘grow’ through life is her driving philosophy. Her unwavering commitment to delivering quality service and personalised solutions is second to none.