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EYI - Evolve Yourself Institute

EYI was founded by two courageous souls, Marie Louise & Kerrie Otto De Grancy who have questioned, explored and pushed themselves beyond what they ever knew, to discover a more fulfilled existence of life led from the heart. With a passion to support the process of deeper awareness for the health and wellness of humanity, they share practices, concepts and strategies of many, using tools of today that work.

Bringing together the wisdom, knowledge and experience across many areas of nutrition, psychology, physiology, sport, fitness, education, science, neuroscience, mindfulness, spirituality, health, business and subjective experience. EYI are lovers of education and experience and see the importance of both for collective growth.

EYI takes all facets of the human experience into consideration when designing programs for optimum living. We believe environment, vocation, diet, relationships inclusive of the inner dimensions of mind, body and spirit all play a part in developing a fulfilled life experience. An all inclusive, integrative System of the Self®, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Burnt out? Stressed? Understand how to cope with the pressures of modern day teaching. Learn mastery over your wellbeing and become a happier, healthier you.
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An essential education for everyone. Develop optimum wellbeing strategies for not only for self, but for the classroom, colleagues, friends and family life.