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Donna Redman

Creating safer school communities through suicide prevention and mental health training

Donna is a writer, speaker, teacher trainer and secondary educator. She has expertise in student wellbeing, establishing effective school systems and positive strategies for youth suicide prevention.
In 2013 Donna was awarded the NSW Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship and examined strategies implemented globally for youth suicide prevention and she recognized the importance of proactively enhancing teacher confidence within the school context. Donna assisted in the planning of the Wollongong Diocesan Suicide Pre, Inter and Post-Vention Strategic Plan. Donna’s company Awaken Youth facilitates NESA Accredited 'Gatekeeper’ workshops for teachers as well as targeted suicide prevention training for parents and guardians of young people. Additionally, Donna is an accredited trainer with LivingWorks and delivers safeTALK suicide prevention training to senior students in secondary schools. In 2015 she presented at the Suicide Prevention Australia Conference on the topic ‘Teachers: the greatest untapped resource in youth suicide prevention.’ She is a member of the Macarthur Suicide Prevention Network committee and is employed as a Telephone Crisis Supporter for Lifeline. In 2017 Donna presented workshops nationally at the Positive Schools Conference titled: ‘Positive Strategies for the Prevention of Youth Suicide’. In 2018 she will be presenting in Sydney at the ProPsych Mental Health in Schools Conference on the topic ‘Child and Youth Suicide Prevention in the School Context’. Donna is also the author of the young adult novel Awakening Sebastian, which communicates a strong positive and preventative message regarding youth suicide.

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by Elsa Vink on 15/02/2019

Very practical, step-by-step approach with lots of good examples.


Very informative.

by Courtney Tyler on 15/02/2019

Excellent course for graduate teachers

by Shea Rigney on 15/02/2019

Very approachable – good and relevant info to take back to school.

by Samuel Priddis on 15/02/2019

Very personable and direct. Good content covered.

by David Stevens on 15/02/2019

Very informative and relevant to my school setting (special needs). Extremely eye opening.

by Zeina Hitti on 15/02/2019

Well presented! Very engaging!


Amazing. Maybe some information regarding other serious mental health issues youth might be exposed to: major depression, bi-polar� Advanced workshop?


Fantastic. Gave me the knowledge and confidence to help support students


Really informative and relevant content to today’s youth. Excellent tools provided to supoort students with mental heatlh/suicidal tendencies.


The statistics & how to talk o the students was insightful

Child and Youth Suicide Prevention in the School Context

Learning about signs and how to identify them and ways to best approach students with suicidal thoughts. Great presenter. Would like more resouces to take back to school.