This course will explore the research behind and implications of Mindset, as well some of the most common behaviours associated with holding a Fixed or Growth Mindset.
Target Audience
Teachers and School Leaders interested in learning about Growth Mindsets
Facilitated by the author of, ‘And Gladly Teach’, the best-selling guide to developing cooperative classrooms, this workshop explores strategies for creating a positive...
Target Audience
All teachers looking to develop new classroom behaviour strategies
Are you worried about your students developing a problem with gaming or internet overuse in class or at home? Noticing their concentration wandering, or even their grad...
Target Audience
This course will be relevant to a wide range of professionals within the teaching community, from teachers ( both primary and secondary) to principals/ deputies, and to school counsellors and support teachers.
This presentation will provide teachers with an effective 5 step approach to assist educators in creating a successful Positive Education plan.
Target Audience
Teachers and Education Leaders with an interest in Positive Psychology
After teaching tens of thousands of Australian students to code and build apps, we're sharing our Code Camp secrets with you, Australia’s teachers. Together we can impr...
Target Audience
Suitable for teachers of all levels, from tech and STEM experts, to those without any experience.
What if every student in your classroom found it easy to remember complex information? How would that affect their attitude to learning? What would it do to your test r...
Target Audience
Teachers who would like to improve their teaching effectiveness