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Michael Kim

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Michael is the Director and founder of Insight Institute, an organisation dedicated  to building innovation capability amongst students and educators. Our mission is to equip students to unleash their creative potential in service of a better world as well to give them a competitive edge. Michael brings almost 20 years of experience across innovation, strategy, marketing and program management in Australia and overseas. He has built a portfolio of successful new ventures spanning e-commerce, digital health solutions, logistics technology; and has spearheaded the market expansion efforts of global brands including P&G and Blackmores. Michael has also been extensively involved in delivering large-scale, complex transformation and Mergers & Acquisition programs.

Previously, Michael led innovation as part of AMP’s enterprise-wide transformation program, while building broader innovation capabilities across the business. He has worked closely with global leading practitioners in innovation and design thinking, and has been involved in the development of several industry disrupting, customer-centric solutions across health, insurance, banking and wealth management.

Michael is an experienced leader, instructor, speaker and practitioner in design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship