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Andrew O'Halloran

Google Apps for Education, Add-Ons and other ICT enthusiast

I am a secondary high school teacher in my sixth year of teaching. I am currently teaching Stage 6 Economics at Canterbury Boys' High School and junior Geography and Commerce.

In my teaching experience thus far I have embraced new technologies for my lesson planning, delivery, reporting and assessment. I host these lessons and activities on my webpage:

and I have archived versions of the webpage here:

AND here:

Though it is important to note that I do not update these archived versions and some of the resources (embedded from Google Drive) are no longer available on the pages.

I also have put my extra time into developing a teacher tutorial page called “Teacher Tech Australia” which is available here at:

On this page there are various tutorials for using Google Apps for Education, Google Add-Ons and Office among others.

I have led a number of professional development days for teachers in our local teaching area and within the school in service of improving teacher knowledge of ICTs.

Andrew O'Halloran
Google Apps for Education, Add-Ons and other ICT enthusiast
If everyone knew some of these simple tricks then "teacher burnout" would be a thing of the past. In this course you will learn how to make the switch to Google Apps fo...
Target Audience
All teachers. Primarily, this course is not curriculum specific, it is about showing how easy it is for teachers to improve their workflow by spending less time on collecting student papers, handwriting comments, photocopying assessments, losing track of student work etc. All Google Apps run from Google Drive, so retaining accreditation relevant documents (student work, professional development notes, student welfare meetings etc) is made much simpler as these records are stored in Google Drive. These skills/requirements would benefit all teachers. There is no niche audience.