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Brooke Twine

I am a HSIE specialist and a Mum. My career passion is all things History and imparting that love to my students.

During my career over the past 14 years I have been a Stage 4-6 History teacher, HSIE Coordinator and a tertiary sessional lecturer. The eLearning environment revitalised my teaching and I created courses for Stage 6 History where students could learn remotely regardless of timetable constraints. Differentiation is also a key consideration in my teaching and I have strived to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment.

I also have an app for iPad on the Apple App Store. I created it for my little boy who has Autism. The app is called the Autism/Special Need Daily Organiser. It is designed to assist parents, teachers and individuals with Autism organise their day. It is completely customisable with the user able upload their own photographs. The user can create activities which become part of the daily routine. Choice/requests boards are also available to assist with communication. My little boy is non-verbal so the app allows me to create visual routines with step-by-step photo instructions.

Learn to create eLearning environments in Stage 6 History courses that are engaging, collaborative and foster independent learning in offline and face-to-face classes.
Target Audience
Secondary teachers who are currently teaching either or both Stage 6 History courses or will be in the future.
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