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Danielle Simpson

Danielle is the Professional Learning Consultant for Health and Physical Education (HPE) and is part of the quality assurance team at Teacher Training Australia (TTA). Her experience in the Health and Physical Education sector is broad. It encompasses teaching, consultancy, presenting lectures/workshops through to administration of a professional association.

Danielle has been teaching Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) in NSW for the past 25 years and has been Head of Department for 11 of those years. She is currently teaching PDHPE part time. Danielle is an experienced educational consultant who has worked with schools in areas such as mentoring PDHPE faculties, program and assessment writing, curriculum content and delivery for inexperienced teachers of Stage 6 PDHPE and HSC marking simulation.

Danielle has co authored the textbook for Senior PDHPE “Application and Inquiry HSC Course” (second edition) and is an experienced senior HSC marker. She is also part of the writing team for Preliminary PDHPE and HSC Trial examinations for various professional bodies. Danielle presents student workshops with HSC In the Holidays for HSC PDHPE revision. She is the Vice President (conference) of the PDHPE Teachers Association.

Danielle Simpson
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Danielle Simpson
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