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Michelle has a rich and expansive career in education. She is the National Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Professional Learning Consultant (PLC) for Teacher Training Australia (TTA), and contributes to the quality assurance processes at TTA. Michelle is also an Associate with Cambridge Education.

Michelle is passionate about teachers' capacity to impact positively on the lives of young people.

She has experience as an educational leader in K-12 schooling in NSW and internationally. Michelle has held positions including those of Principal, Deputy Principal, and Head of Senior School (Year 7-12) as well as Senior Education Consultant and Lecturer in a range of education jurisdictions.

She is an author, syllabus writer, and executive coach. Michelle has presented papers and workshops at national and international conferences. She is an experienced educational consultant in areas such as curriculum, pastoral care, academic care, professional learning, and pedagogy.

As a Teacher Quality Consultant at the Association of Independent School NSW Michelle was integral to the development of an online professional practice review and development system for teachers and school leaders.

Her doctoral studies at the Institute of Positive Psychology & Education (ACU) focused on positive psychology.

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