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Shirley has a Masters degree in Special Education and has been teaching in the area of Special Needs for 30 years. She has taught in government and independent schools, primary and secondary, universities and TAFE. Shirley has also taught in several states of Australia and in the U.S. Her particular interests are specific learning difficulties, early childhood, education of young gifted children and literacy. She loves travel, reading and music.

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Dyscalculia: The Dyslexia of Maths
by Sharon Wilson on 29/03/2018

The Dyscalculia course was brilliantly done. The information was very in depth, the resources brilliant and the feedback meaningful and timely.

I would thoroughly recommend this course. I equate this course to being almost a university subject in its detail and depth of knowledge by the presenter. The presenter’s feedback were personalised and she focused on each individual participant’s comments.

The only thing lacking I could find with this course is that some of the resources were aimed at younger children. Coming from a high school background I had to adapt some of the resources provided.

All in all I would thoroughly recommend this for anyone wanting to understand Dyscalculia and increase their tool kit of practical resources.

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Anne LeMerle on 22/03/2018

The course has been brilliant – informative, inspiring and motivating. Shirley Houston was supportive, encouraging and provided outstanding guidance.

Making Maths Dyslexia Friendly
by Tanya White on 07/02/2018

I found the course informative and enjoyed being able to work at my on pace.

Success with Dyslexia
by Richelle Hatton on 24/01/2018
I enjoyed the beginning of the course and the information about what dyslexia actually is. I felt the course had too much content for a “one day” course and went in directions I didn’t find relevant. I was hoping for more strategies for how to help those with dyslexia. I believe this is in a different course??
Success with Dyslexia
by Rachel Hennig on 24/01/2018

Shirley was very responsive to any questions or comments made throughout the online course.The course had a fabulous variety of learning materials from written text to visuals (diagrams) to You Tube clips. I found this very engaging.
The course built upon knowledge in small, manageable increments.
There was a good variety of tasks. The information was heavily research-based so you were confident that the information you were learning was current and meaningful.

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Sabine Bolick on 28/12/2017

The course gave an excellent background to synthetic phonics and the research that supports it. I really liked the videos showing lessons in action. It was interesting that so much of the course focussed on outlining and comparing programs, however, some key programs available in Australia weren’t included. I think some of the comments about programs were also a bit subjective.

Success with Dyslexia
by Heidi Court on 19/12/2017

I found the course to be super informative. I learnt a lot about Dyslexia and learnt about many strategies and resources that will be useful for all students. Shirley was very knowledgable, encouraging, and provided all course members with thorough feedback.

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Lisa Kohler on 04/12/2017

The Synthetics Phonic course provided a great introduction to the use of synthetic phonics in the classroom.

Success with Dyslexia
by Catherine Hicks on 04/12/2017

I really enjoyed this course and got a lot out of it. I found the activities very useful and relevant. I’ve done online courses where the activities were not very relevant to my current situation and I’m happy to report that this was not the case with this course.

Making Maths Dyslexia Friendly
by Mee-Ok Lee on 17/10/2017

l liked watching the videos that were full of good tips.

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Bruna Krstulovic on 14/09/2017

It was a very interesting course and it strengthened my strategies to teach synthetic phonics. The course also provided a range of good educational resources for the participants to use and put into practice. Shirley was also always prompt to respond to our comments and to provide a feedback and guidance. Excellent materials for professional development!

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Ben Wiggins on 30/08/2017

The ‘Synthetic Phonics Fast and Fun’ course really lived up to its name. The course was set out in a systematic, sequential and practical manner. The course began with an in-depth look at the theory and research behind the importance of synthetic phonics in reading instruction. The videos used to demonstrate theory in practice really contexualised the learning. With a broader knowledge of phonics, I was able to more effectively trial the phonics programs, teaching methods and resources provided within the modules. The final task of designing my own action plan highlighted the knowledge and skills I had gained from the course. Shirley, the presenter, was there to answer any questions and always provided timely feedback on the tasks I completed throughout the course.

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Melissa Medlicott on 30/08/2017

Synthetic Phonics Fast and Fun was an informative course on synthetic phonics and also provided many useful tools that can be used in the classroom.

Making Maths Dyslexia Friendly
by Anne Wolkowitsch on 15/08/2017

Excellent insight of the world of a dyslexic. Good strategies to work on. Definitely a course I would recommend.

Success with Dyslexia
by Morgan O'Neill on 07/07/2017

Great course. I gained a huge amount of insight into dyslexia (and learners in general), and lots of practical tips that I can take in to the classroom to benefit all of my students, and especially those with dyslexia.

Success with Dyslexia
by Tineke Condon Palmer on 15/06/2017

This course got me thinking about how all our students learn and the different types of learners in our rooms.

The challenges and advantages our dyslexic learners have and how we can make learning more engaging for them.
The course gave me techniques and tools I can use to help with the skills that dyslexic students need more support with.

Success with Dyslexia
by Catherine Scott on 13/06/2017

I would like to say how helpful and enlightening this course was for me.
I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of this
Thank you.

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Jacqueline Davies on 12/06/2017

Parts of the course were suitable for Preschool Educators and Primary School Educators. The websites such as Phonics Hero and Letters and Sounds are wonderful and will be used often in my classroom. I found some of the videos very valuable, e.g. segment from Today Tonight showing parts of lessons. Shirley replied promptly to my comments and requests.

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Alexandra McGain on 08/06/2017

This course was informative and engaging. It provided wonderful resources on synthetic phonic instruction and how to implement a successful phonics program to students. The support that the Tutor provided was outstanding, which allowed you to ask questions and to trial skills learnt during the course and receive feedback on your implementation and results. I would highly recommend this course to anyone teaching young students.

Synthetic Phonics - Fast and Fun
by Sam O'Kane on 08/06/2017

The course very informative. It was set out in a clear order, that made learning easy. I like the idea of synthetic phonics and appreciated the opportunity to read other teachers feedback and comments on how it worked in practice. This was a good course to be involved in as you could do it at your own pace within the required yet flexible time frame. I now have a better understanding of synthetic phonics and the student’s in my class are really benefiting from this approach.