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Karen Barley is an internationally recognized educational consultant specializing in the needs of children with autism and their families. She has over 25 years of expertise as an educator, private one-on-one consultant, course developer and educational technology specialist.
Karen is especially successful connecting with children who have autism and creating behavioral, sensory and educational strategies that help children reach their full potential. Her highly personable style, combined with extensive research, knowledge and firsthand experience of the needs of children with autism, makes her extremely effective and innovative in tailoring individual solutions for families and their schools. Using new and existing approaches Karen integrates her pioneering work with iPad technology to create differentiated educational programs where children with autism can consistently experience success while learning.

In addition, Ms. Barley is an accomplished and engaging, sought after public speaker and teacher trainer. She has shared her significant insights and knowledge on such subjects as, Technology in Education, Technology and Autism, Autism Awareness, 21st Century Learning, Technology and Curriculum Development and other subjects in the United States, Australia and as a keynote guest speaker for international face to face and online conferences.

She is now undertaking her PHD and is a sessional teacher at Monash University.

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Using iPads in the Secondary English Classroom
by Banu Woods on 24/07/2017

Relevant discussions and content that is easily applicable to the secondary English classroom.

Student Behaviour: How To Decipher Its Secret Language And Improve Student Outcomes
by Lynette Thackray on 20/07/2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It had relevant examples and a lot of additional resources that could be downloaded and saved for future use. I particularly liked the video mock up of a classroom situation that we had to analyse and say what we would do in that situation.

Using iPads in the Autism and Special Education Classroom
by Nicole Thompson on 11/07/2017

This course was very interesting. I found there was a lot of useful information about students with Autism and special needs as well as great App suggestions that can be used in the classroom.

Student Behaviour: How To Decipher It's Secret Language And Improve Student Outcomes
by Linna Wang on 03/07/2017

It is a good course. With the study of this course, I have obtained the information and knowledge about student behavior as well as what hidden behind the behavior. I will use the information learnt into classroom practice which will help improve student learning outcome.

Autism Awareness and Strategies for the Educational Environment - Online
by Karim Najjarine on 14/06/2017

An enlightening and informative course.

iPads - Changing the Way We Do Education
by Nicole Robb on 08/06/2017

The course was excellent. It was a easy to follow with clear content. The presenter Karina was quick to get back to me with comments on my submissions and she made the course easy to follow with great activities.

I would definitely recommend this course to any teacher as the apps are very useful to teachers and for student use.

Autism Awareness and Strategies for the Educational Environment - Online
by Louise Booth on 11/05/2017

I found this course engaging, relevant and meaningful. It opened my eyes to a lot of concepts that I had not yet thought about and has given our school some goals to work towards.

Student Behaviour: How To Decipher It's Secret Language And Improve Student Outcomes
by Jeremy Hobbes on 09/05/2017

This course was excellent it has given me some great strategies and ideas that I hope I can implement in my classrooms.

iPads in the Primary Classroom
by Pauline Orr on 10/04/2017

I recently completed the iPads in the classroom course. It was a great course and now feel much more equipped to use iPads in the classroom. Before this course I was not aware of many of these apps and the best way of using this technology effectively. I would recommend it to other teachers and parents of children of in primary school today, as it is a good course for people with a bit of technical knowledge.

iPads - Changing the Way We Do Education
by Lisa Ricketts on 27/03/2017

The course was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed the practical components of the course. Having the opportunity to put together lessons using a variety of apps was extremely useful.

Autism Awareness - More Strategies & Techniques for Teachers
by Heather Hocking on 22/02/2017

This course was excellent. I good refresher but also I learnt a new data and strategies to support students with Autism.

In particular I gained a lot out of the TED talk and other clips where someone with Autism shared what it’s like to be Autistic.

Finally I found it VERY interesting about girls with Autism and how they differ from boys and why often it is not identified as early as boys. I found this very fascinating.

I would and have recommended this course to my colleagues.

Autism Awareness - More Strategies & Techniques for Teachers
by Wendy Green on 05/02/2017

I have taken from your course some really great ideas and look forward to putting them into practice in 2017. I found the videos particularly interesting and moving.

Student Behaviour: How To Decipher It's Secret Language And Improve Student Outcomes
by Janet Shepherd on 24/01/2017

The course content is very useful in describing what behaviour is and how best to manage that behaviour. It is important to understand how your students tick and why they might be behaving badly. The strategies to manage behaviour are explained very clearly and the modules are excellent for thinking about the classroom environment and how to use positive reinforcement.

Using iPads in the Secondary English Classroom
by Elyse O'Connor on 17/01/2017
Was informative in regards to different types of apps. However not much information of how to use Ipads effectively.
Autism Awareness - More Strategies & Techniques for Teachers
by Steve Hunter on 05/05/2016

Overall the course covered the material I wanted to see, and having an experienced practitioner like Karin take the course was invaluable.

Using the Keynote App for motivating and inspiring lessons
by Stacey Saunders on 04/04/2016
I really enjoyed this and learnt some great things about using Keynote in my classroom. The videos and activities helped assist my understanding of this tool and gave me some great ideas about how to use digital worksheets and combine applications for effective teaching resources. A very valuable course.
Autism Awareness - More Strategies & Techniques for Teachers
by Siobhan Maloy on 05/02/2016

This course was beneficial as it provided numerous websites, links and current research into Autism and promoted the need to accommodate students with Autism in the mainstream classroom setting.

Using iPads in the Secondary English Classroom
by Angela Kendirjian on 02/02/2016

I discovered so many useful applications that were engaging for students in the secondary classroom. It allowed me to embrace technology and become more confident with the use of devices. The convenor always replied promptly and the open learning site was easy to navigate.

Using QR Codes and Augmented Reality in the 21st Century Classroom
by Tara Hillhouse on 21/01/2016

The course was very interesting, I didn’t know what QR codes where before this course. It provided me with the information to use and create them.They are a great resource in the classroom, for assessment tasks and other classroom activities.

Autism Awareness and Strategies for the Educational Environment
by John Prior on 18/01/2016

his course was a great course for increasing understanding of autism, as well as for thinking through helpful strategies and ideas for best teaching practices for teachers with students with autism in their classes.