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Lauren Cook can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to teach. From the beginning of her career in 2001, she strove to understand what was at the basis of good teaching and learning.

Lauren spent many of her early years of teaching in brand new schools, where the exploration of best practice was at the forefront. Lauren undertook a variety of leadership roles from curriculum to professional learning to student management. She also joined the Faculty of Education at Deakin University to work with pre-service teachers.

In 2010, Lauren became an Assistant Principal, but missed her role in the classroom. She now wants to focus more on teaching and learning, and contributing to developing professional networks of teachers committed to best practice.

Explores best practice in regards to writing from a number of sources and helps you to create an effective plan and strategy for writing with your class.
Target Audience
Secondary Teachers of English from Years 7 - 10
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Managing student behaviour and encouraging positive attitudes to learning can be a difficult aspect of our job.  This course provides strategies to engage the disengage...
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Classroom teachers in secondary schools.
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Disappointed that your students would rather pick up a game console than a book? Look at ways to encourage the love of reading, and to teach students to be critical re...
Target Audience
This product is aimed at secondary English teachers, mainly across years 7 - 10.
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Being a beginning teacher is thrilling but exhausting.  This is an opportunity to get tips and tricks to manage the workload and be an effective practitioner.
Target Audience
This session is aimed at Victorian teachers in their first two years of teaching. Examples will mainly be given from a secondary school perspective.
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