TTA contributors are either working professionals or qualified experts in their respective fields. Their position as contributors are fully endorsed by a dedicated team at TTA. If you believe you are qualified to be a contributor and have products or courses you wish to sell through TTA, please fill in the application form.

Allison Pegus

the power of experience

Allison is TTA’s Professional Learning Manager for Onsite Services.

She works as a full time Learning Professional in education and training in Australia and internationally.

Allison designs and conducts school workshops in Student Engagement, Teacher Judgement and Building Collaborative Expertise in Schools.

Or have Allison work with you to create a consultancy especially for your school goal, staff.

As first and foremost an expert teacher and facilitator Allison has maintained her focus on teaching and learning, curriculum design and delivery and teacher quality from multiple perspectives.

Allison’s work with schools is informed also from her leadership and management background:
• Principal of Australian independent primary schools
• Consultant with the Association of Independent Schools NSW,
• Director of Tournament of Minds NSW,
• State President and Chair of Professional Development with the Independent Heads Associations NSW & Tas
• National Executive Member of Australian Primary Principals Association of Australia, APPA, for 6 years.
• School Evaluation Team Leader and Workshop leader for the International Baccalaureate in the Asia-Pacific region.

Allison has a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Language and Learning and she is a Certified Professional Coach and MBTI Practitioner.

She founded, Learning Professional Consulting in 2012.

Amanda Tocci

Working Memory, Learning & Literacy Specialist

Amanda is a highly experienced Educational Consultant & Lecturer on Working Memory and its relationship to learning and reading. Amanda brings to each school and lecture a passion for education and for bridging gaps between research and practical classroom strategies. Not only are her lectures engaging and informative but Amanda is able to make even the most mundane of topics worthy of laughter.
Amanda is finalising her PhD in Education at the University of Newcastle examining the impact strategy instruction has on children with working memory deficits and reading disabilities. Amanda is dedicated to advocacy and lobbying for change in reading programs in our education system. Amanda’s PhD will allow the utilisation of 8 years of doctoral study and her 23rd year of academic study to begin to influence change and advocate for children who are slipping through the gaps in the current reading system.

Amy Birungi

Amy is the head of the mathematics department at a comprehensive secondary school in western Sydney. She has a PhD and Masters in Education.

Amy started her career in education in Uganda where she founded an organisation to help young people acquire vocational and entrepreneurial skills and to support them in establishing income generating activities. For the past decade she has worked in a range of schools in Sydney where she has developed a particular interest in helping students become responsible 21st century citizens.

Andrew O'Halloran

Google Apps for Education, Add-Ons and other ICT enthusiast

I am a secondary high school teacher in my sixth year of teaching. I am currently teaching Stage 6 Economics at Canterbury Boys' High School and junior Geography and Commerce.

In my teaching experience thus far I have embraced new technologies for my lesson planning, delivery, reporting and assessment. I host these lessons and activities on my webpage:

and I have archived versions of the webpage here:

AND here:

Though it is important to note that I do not update these archived versions and some of the resources (embedded from Google Drive) are no longer available on the pages.

I also have put my extra time into developing a teacher tutorial page called “Teacher Tech Australia” which is available here at:

On this page there are various tutorials for using Google Apps for Education, Google Add-Ons and Office among others.

I have led a number of professional development days for teachers in our local teaching area and within the school in service of improving teacher knowledge of ICTs.

Angela Andrews - Cool Australia

Expert Sustainability Educator

Angela is an experienced educator and sustainability practitioner.

She taught economics, business, commerce and mathematics at Newington College – an independent college for boys in Sydney’s inner west and was an HSC Examiner in Economics for the NSW Board of Studies for four years. She spent almost a decade working at Newington College where her passion for the environment, student leadership and engagement programs led her to help establish the college’s Sustainability Council.

She worked as an Associate Lecturer in Economics at the University of Sydney and provided additional one-on-one tuition to students through the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS).

She was subsequently employed by Manly Council as the Climate Change & Sustainability Education Officer. In this role, she worked with residents, local businesses and schools to inform, educate and inspire a greater appreciation for nature. She also strove to foster a deeper sense of personal and collective custodianship for the local areas in which we live, work and play.

Angela now works for Cool Australia and supports teachers in their professional learning. She creates online courses which are accessible to teachers across the country and runs face-to-face workshops in NSW, the ACT and Queensland.

Qualifications: BComm (Melb), MTeach (Syd), Cert IV (TAE40110), Fellowship at Centre for Sustainability Leadership

Twitter: @Ange_Andrews

Anna Bennett

Education consultant with a passion for pedagogy

Anna Bennett is currently an educational consultant working for a variety of providers. Previous to this she was the College Head of Professional Development at a multi campus school. Over the
last 20 years Anna has held a number of teaching and curriculum positions at both the primary and secondary level. Her professional areas of expertise are working with beginner teachers; curriculum development, gifted education, differentiation and professional learning.

Annalisa Ramundi

International Study Tours

Annalisa is an Italian and English teacher at Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education, Diploma of Religious Studies and has taught in both the public and private systems.

Annalisa has successfully organised, led and participated in many International Language and Cultural Tours since 2003, believing that the educational benefits of International Tours provide students with the opportunity to further develop their understanding of content outside of the classroom and, in turn guide them into being a holistic student.

Anthony McDonald

A New Scheme Teacher looking to explore new classroom techniques

I have been a High School teacher for the last 10 years, specialising in English and HSIE as well as integrating computers and technology into the classroom in new and innovative ways. I am interested in utilising new knowledge and techniques that maximise student engagement and expands student skills for an ever growing and complex world.

Arielle Nakache-Moulay

This contributor doesn't have a bio or description.

Aubtin Namdar

Creativity, Innovation and Technology.

Aubtin is an experienced educator and consultant specialising in ICT and media arts integration. He has maintained his passion for creativity, as being a key component of innovation, along with effective use of technology.

Aubtin has broad experience with theatrical logistics, acting as a Producer, Technical Director, Musical Director, Stage Manager, and Sound Designer for various productions around NSW.

In a school setting, Aubtin has administered innovative school-wide ICT developments, from integrating new learning tools to effective teacher training, all focused to enhance teaching and learning.

Barbara Stanners

My focus is developing rich teaching and learning resource materials for Secondary English teachers to use in the classroom.

Barbara has been English KLA co-ordinator at Richmond H.S. and Bede Polding College, Windsor South. She has extensive teaching and training experience with Junior and Senior Secondary English courses as well as Certificates in Mentoring and Professional Leadership. Over thirty Teacher Resource Textbooks have been published over the past fifteen years.
Developing resources for all Stage 6 English courses, remains a particular area of interest and expertise.

Belinda Jennings

Media Arts Educator & Consultant. Lover of Pedagogy, ICT, Online Learning, Flipped Design, Curriculum Curation & Creation, Student Engagement & Professional Sharing.

Belinda is an educator and consultant specialising in integrating ICT and the creation and curation of online learning programs for both classroom and distance education. She created her first website hosting curriculum materials for photography students in 1999 using Frontpage (remember that?)

Throughout her teaching career Belinda has eagerly embraced new tech tools and has been innovative in utilising them to increase student engagement, maximize outcomes and streamline her own teaching practice for efficient and effective curriculum development, feedback and assessment.

Belinda is committed to ongoing informal and formal professional development, both as presenter and participant. She is skilled, and has 15 years experience, in empowering educators to feel confident in exploring new technologies in their classrooms and/or online learning programs. Professional sharing – bouncing ideas, solving problems and envisaging new ways of educating young people – makes her happy.

Belinda Westwood

2011 – Current CSSA Convenor Community and Family Studies Trial HSC exam paper
2008 – 2010 CSSA Community and Family Studies exam writing commitee
Currently Year Coordinator at St John Bosco College Engadine
Senior HSC Marker, Judge Marker, Pilot Marker
2012 – current Southern Region CEO Leader of CAFS Pilot marking experience for Teachers
2012 Southern Region CEO PDHPE Facilitator for Network Meeting and PDHPE and CAFS PLC’s,
2008-2013 De La Salle Cronulla PDHPE Coordinator
Teaching 20yrs

Ben & Heike Roberts

Modfab is a 3D Printing Technology business. We sell affordable 3D printers, filament and BOSTES Endorsed training, along with after sales support.

I am a teacher who has taught in the classroom, ESL, Learning Support and RFF. Ben is an engineer and has been involved in 3D Printing over the last five years. Our Course has been endorsed by BOSTES, we are running holiday workshops at the Science Centre in Wollongong, running Learning Labs for primary and high school students at UOW, written a nationally recognised course for 3D Printing using 5 units of competency. Involved in creating a 3D printing course with TAFE, involved with setting up a FabLab at UTS with Professor Sheather. We are also working with UOW to run a 3D Printing competition.

Beverley Babbage

Creative integration of ICT

I am passionate about teaching and strive to be creative and innovative to keep students engaged and challenged. I am enthusiastic about teaching with technology, not just using it as a substitution, but to use it to make real advances in education. I enjoy helping and inspiring other teachers to embrace technology by showing them what I do in the classroom and collaborating to help them integrate it into their own teaching.
My main passion with technology is with iPads, and as I have managed these myself, I understand the management issues and how solutions need to be found to deal with network restrictions, and sharing and submitting of work. This can be particularly problematic with music and composition.
In addition to specialising in Music, I also present courses on using the iPad in all CAPA subjects (Music, Art and Drama), cross-curricular apps that can be used in all subject areas and also beginner coding and programming for K-6 students with an introduction to robotics. I demonstrate how to integrate these apps and resources into lesson for creative teaching and learning.

Brad Fuller

Technology for Teachers

Convinced that I.T. could revolutionise education, Brad Fuller began presenting I.T. seminars for teachers in 2000. Brad holds an MA in Adult Education and an ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award. Alongside presenting courses with TTA, Brad is an associate of the Sydney Centre for Innovative Learning (NBCS) and teaches music at Northern Beaches Christian School.

Brian Sowerby

Award winning scientist

Brian Sowerby recently retired as Chief Research Scientist and Program Manager (Instrumentation and Control) with CSIRO Minerals. He obtained a BSc (Hons 1) from the University of NSW and a PhD in physics from the Australian National University. Following two years post-doctoral work in Canada, Brian has carried out research and development in Australia on the application of on-line analysis techniques in the mineral, energy and security industries. His work led to the commercialisation of a number of on-line analysis instruments and he has received many awards for this work including the prestigious Australia Prize in 1992.

Bronwyn Rayner

Making teaching fun, engaging and relevant

Bronwyn Rayner has a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Science. She is currently teaching at All Saints College (St. Mary’s Campus) in Maitland which is a senior college. Bronwyn has a keen interest in building the skills and knowledge of both teachers and students. She has conducted inservices for the Association of Independent Schools NSW for many years. Additionally, Bronwyn has been involved with the ACHPER Year 12 Community and Family Studies days as both a presenter and/or a writer since 2003. Bronwyn has designed innovative techniques and concepts which enhance student learning. She is a co-author of a course textbook published in October 2009 and she has also written for the second edition. Her favourite place to be is on a cruise ship.

Brooke Twine

I am a HSIE specialist and a Mum. My career passion is all things History and imparting that love to my students.

During my career over the past 14 years I have been a Stage 4-6 History teacher, HSIE Coordinator and a tertiary sessional lecturer. The eLearning environment revitalised my teaching and I created courses for Stage 6 History where students could learn remotely regardless of timetable constraints. Differentiation is also a key consideration in my teaching and I have strived to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment.

I also have an app for iPad on the Apple App Store. I created it for my little boy who has Autism. The app is called the Autism/Special Need Daily Organiser. It is designed to assist parents, teachers and individuals with Autism organise their day. It is completely customisable with the user able upload their own photographs. The user can create activities which become part of the daily routine. Choice/requests boards are also available to assist with communication. My little boy is non-verbal so the app allows me to create visual routines with step-by-step photo instructions.

Bruce Smith

Mathematical engagement

Bruce Smith has been a passionate mathematics teacher for many years. He is interested in the skills required to successfully engage students in mathematics. His particular focus is on:
• Delivering and acting on quality formative assessment for students.
• Using various strategies and tasks to promote participation and enjoyment.
• Differentiating classroom instruction and tasks to ensure that the individual needs of students are met and that learning is relevant, flexible and responsive.