Improving student outcomes (Part 1)

kids in huddleWe asked 6 of our presenters, what they believe are the most important elements for improving student outcomes.  Here are their answers:


Joanne Blannin

Primary Teacher in France, England, America and Australia.  ICT Coordinator, Laburnum Primary School, Victoria and currently undertaking a Doctorate of Education focusing on the use of ICT in education

The research shows that engagement is the most important key to a student’s success.

Students may be motivated to win a sticker or prize but that is not enough.  Teachers need to find tools that are engaging and that deepen the learning.  Examples include online quizzes or blogs with a share and comment function.  These are engaging for students and therefore achieve outcomes although the topics discussed are not that different.


Kery O’Neill

Veterinary surgeon. Research scientist. Science educator at primary, secondary, tertiary and community levels. Post Graduate Certification in Brain Based Training.  Previously a Senior Biology Teacher and HSC marker.

Know the children in your class well and work with their wellbeing.

  1. Keep in mind the big picture and help students to see and understand what the big picture looks like for them.
  2. Take the time to understand why education is important for the individual students you teach, and help students to see and treat education as a gift not a punishment


Dr Karen Lambert

Lecturer in Human Movement and Health Education, University of Sydney, HSC marker, PDHPE Specialist

Learners will have better outcomes when students have greater control over their learning and they are inspired with it.  For me, the key elements are:

  1. Engagement and connection
  2. Variety and creativity
  3. Authenticity
  4. Transmitting inspiration and motivation for learning.


Look out for Part 2 of this article with comments from 3 other highly respected educators.

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